"There's an old saying about truth setting you free. Don't buy it. Sometimes the truth slams the cell door shut and throws a thousand bolts"

hi i'm Liss and i like fantasy, boybands, dystopia, dylan o'brien, kpop and jake abel. this one time i out-sassed jamie campbell bower.

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good that;;

It sounds like a cliche but I also learnt that you’re not going to fall for the right person until you really love yourself and feel good about how you are. ❞

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Does anyone else reply to a text mentally but not physically then forgets to actually reply all together or is that just me

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Dylan O’Brien for The Maze Runner
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The S. P. Y. that I loved, I chase her day and night
I become breathless, the moment I aim at her
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And then there’s Sansa. Sansa Stark who named her deadly, killer direwolf Lady. And she trained her to be gentle, and quiet, and sweet and loving. And then what happens? The Baratheons have her killed. So now Sansa is so alone, having lost her family, her home and her Lady. But she is the exact opposite of what her father said would happen to wolves who end up alone. Ned Stark said that the only way they could survive was to stick together, and that was never an option. Robb had their mother. Rickon and Bran had Winterfell and then each other. Jon is on the wall, with his brothers, and then across it with Ygritte, then back to the wall. Arya had Gendry, and is still linked to Nymeria. But Sansa has absolutely no one who is her family. So she takes the strength and poise of a lady, and turns it into something as deadly and defensive as a direwolf’s fangs and claws. She knows that she is alone, and that no one is coming for her, so she adapts. She plays the game, she keeps her mouth shut, she stays alive.

Because the best way to hide a wolf, to keep people feeling safe, is to make them think it’s just a well trained dog.

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The positive, polite and manly Minhyun after hurting himself at the set of ‘Good Bye Bye’ Music Video XD ♥

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why doesn’t anyone appreciate my sarcasm and bitterness as much as i do

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Make me choose

↳ deadpoolsbitch—-spidermanslover asked: Natasha Romanoff or Luna Lovegood?

↳ inxhaustible asked: Luna Lovegood or Ginny Weasley?

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Brimfield PD (Ohio) - This is the new puppy at training today….we don’t think the bullet proof vest fits….just yet


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“I wasn’t sure whether I was supposed to kneel or buy stamps from him or what.” -Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (2013)

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Be careful when you cast out your demons that you don’t throw away the best of yourself.
---Friedrich Nietzsche  (via varst)
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who is it that chooses our steps in the dance? who drives us mad? lashes us with whips and crowns us with victory when we survive the impossible? who is it, that does all of these things?

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